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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Dunoon Green Map: work on the move
Work on the move: Dunoon Green Map

The first Working from Home or Holiday workshop took place as part of Microbytes on 2nd September. The goal of the workshop was to understand the types of resources that could be put on a map and promoted to help support the area's growing remote, home working and freelancer community.

The workshop follows on from extensive research carried out by Tacit Tacit and the Dunoon Area Alliance into how Dunoon and wider Cowal could develop more inclusive forms of enterprise support at a local level. Improvements would involve looking at how existing spaces, services and suppliers across the area can be used more effectively by a wider range of workers. It is about expanding how we define enterprise support and putting peer to peer learning, freelance friendly spaces and childcare in the mix.

​With the support of Argyll and Bute Council, Tacit Tacit and the Dunoon Area Alliance are now collating information on Dunoon's first Green Map, using the Open Green Map platform. Throughout September and October data will be gathered about: Wifi spots (good and bad), meeting spaces, places you can sit and work, stationery suppliers, printing facilities, postal and courier services, flexible childcare providers and other services that support remote workers across this area.

​If you are interested in contributing your data and time to this project, then you can help by becoming part of the Work on the Move Green Mapping Team.

To get involved just follow these steps:

1. Register on the Open Green Map platform here>

2. Once you are registered email: You will then be added to the Green Map team.

3. Get started - have a look around and start to add images, text and icons to the map. 

4. Don’t worry if you add data that you are unsure about or use icons that are not quite right. This is only a draft and all data will be reviewed and expanded upon prior to  publication.

5. Look and learn:  If you want more guidance then instructions are available here>. Online tutorials here>

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