Hisashi Kuboyama of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) explains the benefits of their support

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Tell us about your service and your role?

I work for Federation of Small Businesses and we provide a wide range of fantastic benefits for our members.

How do people access your support services?

You need to join FSB as a member – unfortunately it’s not free, but I am sure it’s totally worth the money!

Does your support cost them anything?

Membership starts from just £177 a year. From year two, an admin fee of £30 is deducted, so it gets cheaper.

What challenges can small businesses experience when trying to expand ?

Finding new markets and clients, diversifying, investing and employing – all of these things cost money and also need expert help. FSB members have access to free legal advice, so it’s very useful if you want to employ staff.

How do you help businesses overcome those challenges?

By joining FSB you become part of the UK’s largest community of small business and the self-employed. Also, local Business Gateway can offer invaluable support as well.

What trends are do you think people running businesses need to be aware of to grow in this climate?

Going digital and doing more online is really important. There has been a significant shift towards online during the pandemic – online grocery sales have doubled. Around half of UK retail sales are now online.

What is your favourite business website?

Obviously it’s https://www.fsb.org.uk/ , but I like the website of

Fore Play Crazy Golf based in Glasgow


Unfortunately the business is temporarily closed, but it’s a great example and will hopefully be able to reopen soon. 

Is there a product and or service you could recommend ?

I think Business Gateway’s Digital Boost would be good for a lot of small businesses. Google also offers a lot of free online training on marketing, etc., so it's worth checking out. https://grow.google/intl/uk

How can Dunoon based businesses maximize their positive impact?

I am repeating myself, but the future really is digital and online. Tell the world how great you are on your social media and website. Work to maximise your reach and you can get a lot of support for that.

Can you give us a top tip or thought about the future of small businesses?

Small businesses are the backbone of Dunoon’s local economy and the pandemic doesn’t change that. We have a lot of members in and around Dunoon, but we are keen to reach out and support and work with as many small businesses and self-employed people as possible.

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