Join the growing W-Power network: online support for female entrepreneurs based in the Dunoon area

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Tell us about your service and your role?

W-Power is a transnational programme which HIE has been participating in since 2018. The programme aims to help women overcome the challenges of remoteness and rurality to set up, develop and grow small businesses across a range of sectors.

Supporting one another through the challenges brought about by COVID-19 has become a strong focus of the programme during 2020. 

The core of the programme is an online network of business learning and support.


Being part of the W-Power Female Entrepreneurs Learning and Development programme, you’ll have access to: 

  • An online networking platform

  • Monthly webinars to address your business and skills needs

  • 'Ask the expert' sessions

  • Collaboration

  • Business support

  • Informal connections with other entrepreneurs

  • Events 

  • Online resources

How do people access your support services?

More than 60 female entrepreneurs across Argyll access our support through our online community.

You can join here >

Does your support cost them anything? 

The support is all fully funded through the Northern Periphery and Arctic programme of the European Regional Development Fund.

What challenges can small businesses experience when trying to expand their offer using digital tools? 

Challenges can range from knowledge to connectivity and technology used. Small businesses can also feel overwhelmed by the amount and scope of digital tools that are now available to them too.

How do you help businesses overcome those challenges?

Our advice when starting out is to keep things simple to a few tools at a time. This is so you can master them and see what impact they have on your business. The good thing about digital is that you can adapt and pivot quickly if one channel is not working for your target audience.

What trends are happening in the digital enterprise landscape that you think people running businesses need to be aware of?

There is currently emphasis on supporting local businesses, with lots of community support for campaigns such as #supportlocal #ScotlandLovesLocal etc. Get involved!

What is your favourite business website?

This site has lots of amazing resources and events

For creative sector businesses ... not just a festival, lots of year round content and support too:

Which small business do you think produces the most compelling social media? 

Difficult to answer. There are lots of small businesses sharing great content on social. We love what Needlesmiths and Susan Hoy (based in Dunoon) are doing.

How can Dunoon based businesses maximize their impact in the digital space? 

Being active on social media, engaging with their audiences and sharing positive stories!

Can you give us a top tip or thought about the future of small businesses? 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and through 2020 have been given the opportunity to adapt to our new world. To see Covid-19 as an opportunity. The world is changing, but so can your business ... You may have been hit hard, but small businesses are able to adapt and respond to challenges fast.  Think out of the box and consider how you can pivot your business to find a new place in the post pandemic world. 


To join the 60 strong female focused network or to find out more about W-Power go here>