Microbytes showcases the work of Walter Newton, local illustrator and digital creator

If you walk along Hillfoot street, to Hair at 28, you will notice a few changes. After 40 years of trading from the shop, the lovely Lowe sisters have moved their hairdressing business to their home. The premises are now being developed as a design and collaboration space, called the POP shop, by local creative agency Tacit Tacit. This is due to open in November 2020.

In the meantime the shop window is being used as part of Microbytes to highlight the talent of Dunoon based illustrator Walter Newton. Walter has created work for international brands, including Disney, Airbnb and the Dollar Shave Club.

He has a fascination with gaming and tech and has put together an exhibition that can be viewed safely in the window of the POP shop. The exhibition includes original prints, animations and Dunoon's first teletext, Dfax, engineered by Walter using a Raspberry Pi.

About local digital creator and illustrator

Who is Walter Newton? 

He is some guy who grew up near Glasgow, did Illustration at the Glasgow School of Art, then more at the Royal College of Art, and bounced about in England for about fifteen years before returning to Scotland - more specifically Dunoon - nearly three years ago.  He’s drawn nonsense since he could hold a pencil and is just about able to make a living out of it. What is the exhibition about, Walter?  - It’s a vaguely technology-themed load of drawings and animations that I’ve done over the last few years, all digitally created.  A lot of it is about the nostalgia for old tech I probably shouldn’t have, but do.  I’m sure people would be able to work out how old I am, probably to the year, just by looking at the window. How have you created Dunoon’s first local teletext? - Well, that’s making it sound a bit more grand than it is - it’s currently about four pages on a Raspberry Pi.  I discovered a few years ago that post-Teletext shutdown, some ex-Teletext engineers has made some tools for you to host your own Teletext server that works natively on old TVs and I’ve been looking for an excuse to use it for something since then.  It currently only lives on an SD card inside a box of wires plugged into the back of that one telly, if I was cleverer it would exist online somewhere and I could have TVs all over the place broadcasting chunky old 8-colour bumph. How can I find out more about you and buy some of your work?

- I have a sporadically-updated website at walternewton.com

The exhibition runs until October 4th in the window of the POP shop, 28 Hillfoot St. Dunoon, PA23 7DS.

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